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Sponsored Content: SIGLENT SVA1015X Spectrum Analyser

The SIGLENT SVA1015X spectrum analyzer is a very powerful and flexible tool for various measurements within the frequency range from 9 kHz to 1.5 GHz. Great basic specifications are the base for all included and available functions and features. The very low DANL (displayed average noise level) of -156dBm and the wide range of RBW filters (1Hz – 1MHz) enable the user see very small and narrow signals. The tracking generator is included as standard and enable the user to do scalar insertion loss measurements on cables, filters and other components. So far, everything, which can be expected from a good basic spectrum analyzer is in place. But there is much more possible with the SVA1015X.

One, in the meantime, very common requirement is the ability to conduct EMI debugging or pre-compliance measurements. Today’s high speed data designs, IoT-devices and Switched Mode Power supplies inherently own many sources for EMI issues. Hence, EMI pre-compliance measurements and debugging at all stages during the design are indispensable. Siglent offers an optional solution for the SVA1015X that can be purchased and installed at any time. This option extends the set of RBW filters with special EMI-Filters and also the Quasi-Peak detector. Adding a set of near field probes (SRF5030(T)) completes the entry level debugging set. In combination with a LISN it’s a great setup for conducted EMI pre-compliance measurements.

A much more specialized feature is the Vector Network Analysis. This option can also be added at any later time and enable the user to perform S11 and S21 measurements. The measurements can be displayed in various formats like X-Y (dB/phase-over-frequency), polar or Smith charts. Typical tasks for example group-delay measurements of filters or amplifier input/output stage or antenna matching can be solved easily. Honestly speaking the accuracy of the results should not be compared with a full, stand-alone VNA, but nevertheless the performance of this option is very solid.

In case that 1.5GHz are not capable for your application and you need higher frequencies, have a look at Siglent’s SSA3000X Series. It offers similar performance and options. But it excludes the VNA option. If you need a solution for VNA measurements above 1.5GHz watch out at there is something on the way.

For everyone who is wondering, who is Siglent and what they are doing? Siglent Technologies began developing digital oscilloscopes in 2002. After 15 years of research and development, the product portfolio includes digital oscilloscopes with Bandwidth that reach from 50 MHz and now up-to 1GHz, handheld oscilloscopes with or without isolated input channels, function/arbitrary waveform generators also in a wide variety of bandwidth’ (10MHz to 500MHz), DC power supplies for the lab, digital multi-meters with 4.5 to 6.5digits, spectrum analyzers and RF signal generators with a maximum Bandwidth of 3.2GHz and other general test instruments. Siglent is continuously expanding its range of products. The plan for 2019 is to release more than 3 new products and extend the current portfolio on one hand with higher performance instruments and on the other hand with a completely new product group.

Over the time, Siglent has grown up to a global leader in electronic test and measurement equipment. Its products combine innovative features and functionality with a strong commitment to quality and performance.

Siglent currently has three main offices around the globe. First, the Headquarter in Shenzhen, China. All developments and productions are done there. There are over 300 people employed. More than 100 engineers working in several departments including hardware, software, industrial design, test, and the advanced equipment environmental lab, as well as a highly qualified management team and other technical professionals

The subsidiaries in America and Europe were founded in 2014. The American office is located in Solon, Cleveland/OH and since the opening of the office, it has grown continuously to now 6 people. They work on local sales, service and support. The European office is located in Hamburg/Germany and was managed remotely from China. Since October 2018 Siglent started to employ local staff. In the meantime, there are three employees taking care about Service & Support, Sales and Marketing. The main goal is to deliver high quality service to customers and sales partners and continuously improve and optimize the performance. All repairs and later also factory calibration will be done locally at the center of Europe.

The whole European sales is done by authorized Distributors. The advantage for the customer is, that the next Siglent sales partner is typically not far away and all pre-sales and lots of after-sales activities can be done in the local language. To find your Siglent distributor you can refer to our website -> How To Buy.

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